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Lose 2-7 Sizes in 42 Days!*

Light lipo is a 100% non-invasive, FDA cleared, fat reduction and body contouring system. It is a fast and effective method to reach your health goals.  No matter what shape you are in, many people have trouble spots. These stubborn areas are no match for the light lipo treatments.​  We see 97% of  clients lose up to 1 inch in the first session!

Edmond Wellness offers custom treatment and nutrition plans to meet your goals.  While every body is different, most clients are able to break their stubborn plateau and stimulate the fat burning hormone with 6-12 weekly sessions.  Each treatment includes 7-14 minutes on the infrared light and 10 minutes on Whole Body Vibration platform.​

What is Light Lipo?  Light lipo is a non-invasive system that stimulates the cells to purge fat and toxins. It consists of 8 paddles, each containing 30 infrared lights that gently open fat cells.​  Our system is a non-invasive, painless treatment with no known side effects. It is also a great way to contour the body following weight loss, without surgery – making it an effective alternative to traditional liposuction procedures.​  Unlike cool sculpting and ultrasonic cavitation, infrared light does not kill or harm the fat cell.

How does Light Lipo work?  Our system works by emitting laser-like light energy. This energy penetrates the patient’s skin where it is absorbed by the existing fat cells. As the fat cells become warmed with this energy, pores begin to open and water, glycerol and free fatty acids are excreted into the body and naturally processed through the lymphatic system. By reducing the size of your fat cells, your body sculpting becomes far more effective.  ​As the light is concentrated on an area of the body, the light permeates the skin to a depth of between 10 and 12 millimeters. This light causes a temporary change to the outer membranes of the fat cells. This, in turn, allows fat to empty into the membrane where it can be harmlessly processed by the body’s natural mechanisms via your lymphatic and urinary systems.  Just like exercise!

Where does the fat go?  The body has a complex system for processing unnecessary fat. Upon releasing through the membranes, fat is broken down and enters the blood stream. It is then used as fuel during periods of activity. The rest is sent to the liver where it is processed for storage, or oxidized.​  Light lipo ensures that the fat is eliminated through the lymphatic and urinary systems, when the body is properly hydrated.

What results can I expect?  Even with diet and exercise, many people have unwanted enlargement of fat cells. Light lipo can help you lose unwanted inches or pounds.  Many clients have also seen a distinct improvement in the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Are there any side effects?  Light lipo is a non-invasive, non-chemical treatment, so there are absolutely no documented negative side effects from responsible treatment. It is very important to remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding diuretics such as tea, coffee and alcohol. Exercise is also highly recommended to allow the body to burn the fat cells that have been discharged into the body’s system.

Nothing to lose, but the inches!  Schedule your free consultation and first session today!

Light Lipo Works!

Light energy safely penetrates the client's skin.  The fat cells absorb the energy.  When enough energy absorbs, toxins leak out of the pores and into circulation.  The fat cells are then smaller, leaving you with fat and cellulite loss.

Light Lipo Reduces Cellulite!

Cellulite normally does not respond to diet and exercise.  To get rid of cellulite, you must get rid of toxins. Light Lipo is designed to reduce the size of fat cells, thereby reducing cellulite.  

Infrared Light Lipo for Weight Loss

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Intake Forms

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Real Results

Suzy F.

Lost 12 inches and 8.7 pounds in less than 4 weeks with light lipo!

E. H.

Lost 7.8 pounds and 7.5 inches in 9 sessions with light lipo!

Kacy H.

Lost 2.8 pounds and 1.75 inches in 17 minutes with light lipo.

Kim O.

Lost 33.6 pounds and 19.25 inches in 10 sessions with light lipo!

L. R.

Lost 8 pounds and 9.5" in 6 sessions with light lipo.

What will YOU lose?

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